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      She crimsoned to her neck.

      For the scene of this narrative please take into mind a wide quarter-circle of country, such as any of the pretty women we are to know in it might have covered on the map with her half-opened fan.

      Riding a race against time, Varley? said one.

      Its amost too many for the business, Im thinking, Varley, said Bill; but Varley shook his head.

      Lyin beside the mare, you precocious infant, said Bill, showing his teeth. The bags there, but its empty; the mails here. Jes you come and take off my boots, you mutton-headed idiot!

      She looked at him with undisguised surprise.



      Lady Mary was as much taken with Esmeralda, and laughed with delight at Esmeraldas strange speeches and peculiar accent, and did not seem to at all resent the fact that she, Lady Mary, played second fiddle so far as the men were concernedfor they formed a circle round Esmeralda, as usual.