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      So Naomi would maunder to her acquaintance; with Reuben she confined herself to hints and innuendoes. Sometimes she complained to Mrs. Backfield, but her husband's mother was unsympathetic.

      And human nature, he knew with terror, was about to be overthrown once more.

      "Marvor is gone," Cadnan said slowly. "You, too, can go. Maybe the masters do not find you. If you stay you are punished. If you go and they do not find you there is no punishment for you." It amazed him that she could not see so clear a point.Still, though his blood was already warming with the exhilarating thrill, there were some twinges of conscience.

      "The Kunnel's shot. Look out for the Kunnel thar."


      "Small beings make it," Dara corrected him. "There are such small beings, not slaves and not masters. They have no speech but they make sound."



      Lieut. Bigelow had come up in the meanwhile with the other squad, and they all moved cautiously forward to where they could get a dim sight of the lodge through the intervals between the trees. For a log house it was quite a large building, and stood in the center of a small clearing which had been made to furnish logs for its erection. Faint gleams of light came through the badly-chinked walls, and the hum of voices showed that there was a large crowd gathered inside.